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This website is dedicated to providing information about managing adjustment challenges subsequent to social-sexual deviance exposure.  The information reflects more than thirty years of clinical experience evaluating social-sexual deviants and their casualties.  The two casualty populations featured are people exposed to social-sexual deviance as children and professionals providing first responder services to children exposed to social-sexual deviance.


Childhood Exposure to Social-Sexual Deviance

Two information sources contribute to this content area.  First, insights into social-sexual deviance as illuminated by convicted adolescent and adult social-sexual deviants.  Children, adolescents and adults exposed to social-sexual deviance as children are the second information source.  Collectively, the information  is offered to describe pathways to diluting potential adjustment challenges subsequent to exposure.

Child Sexual Abuse Professional Exposure to Social-Sexual Deviance

Terms used to describe the predictable injuries to Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) professionals subsequent to social-sexual deviance exposure include countertransference, burnout, vicarious traumatization and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Conceptualizing these potential disruptions to personal and professional adjustment on a continuum briefly summarizes the Silentinjuries paradigm.